Ted Kubaitis

Ted got his start at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications & worked at Microsoft during the Dot Com Era, then was an in-house SEO for a large online retailer for 17 years. Ted is the CEO of the SEO Tool Lab and the creator of Cora SEO Software. Ted regularly appears on the White Hat Versus Black Hat youtube show and speaks at SEO conferences such as CMSEO, DMSS, SEO Rockstars and many more. Ted has founded multiple startups and was issued a patent in web querying technology.
Kyle Roof

Kyle is the Lead SEO for High Voltage SEO, a bespoke SEO firm with locations in Melbourne, Berlin, and Phoenix, as well as the Lead Tester for the SEO Intelligence Agency – a community of over 200 SEO professionals. He is the co-creator and math behind the on-page SEO evaluation tool PageOptimizer Pro. Kyle regularly presents on a variety of SEO topics and has been invited to speak at top digital marketing and SEO conferences such as CMSEO, DMSS, SEO Rockstars and many more. Additionally, he provides instructional SEO and marketing courses ranging from beginner to advanced.
Clint Butler

Clint is the Head of SEO for Over The Top SEO and owns his own agency, Digitaleer, as well. He is the host of SEO This Week and has co-hosted other SEO podcasts and shows including White Hat vs. Black Hat. He also runs an exclusive mastermind for six and seven figure earners looking to reach the next level in their business while supporting others. Clint regularly presents at SEO Rockstars and has created beginner and advanced SEO and marketing courses which taught concepts based on his affiliate and adult industry experience.

WARNING! DISCLAIMER: SEO Fight Club is a weekly SEO show dedicated to open debate and peer review of cutting edge SEO research and theory crafting. This is a rare view into the debates and discussions we have nearly daily about what is happening in SEO. Many of the topics we will touch upon are technical, black hat, unproven, and potentially hazardous. The cutting edge of SEO is fraught with peril. This show is not for beginners and you should always prove what works for yourself BEFORE ever using it on a client or a business website. Walk on the cutting edge of SEO at your own risk.